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Case Study

Facilitating Global Expansion for a Leading Primary Research Company

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Professional Services



London, NYC, Munich, Barcelona


Number of Employees

1000 - 5000


Our client, a global leader in primary research within the professional services sector, operates across major hubs including London, NYC, Munich, and Barcelona.


As a market leader, our client recognized the necessity of establishing a robust presence in continental Europe, particularly in Spain and Germany, following the complexities of Brexit. The challenge lay not only in navigating the unique business landscapes of these countries but also in assembling a high-caliber team capable of driving operations and business development. Avomind was tasked with hiring key personnel, including Managing Directors, to lead and establish the company's footprint in these strategic markets.


Avomind approached this challenge with a meticulous strategy aimed at identifying, attracting, and securing top-tier talent in both Barcelona and Munich. We collaborated closely with the client to understand the nuances of their business, the local market dynamics, and the specific leadership qualities required for success in the continental European landscape.


Our team successfully executed an end-to-end recruitment process, engaging in targeted searches to fill all Operations and Business Development positions, including the crucial role of Managing Director, in the Barcelona and Munich hubs. The selection criteria not only focused on technical expertise but also emphasized cultural alignment and adaptability to ensure a seamless integration with the client's global operations.

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