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The Team Managers

Nick Frey

Nick Frey - Managing Director of Avomind

Managing Director


Nick is a hands-on strategy leader with more than 10 years of experience building high-performance business operations and cross-functional teams in EMEA, USA, LATAM, and APAC regions. After multiple years working in the market research industry, where he was responsible for strategic global operations with full P&L ownership over multiple international hubs such as New York City, Santiago de Chile, Munich, Tokyo, and Seoul, he decided to found AVOMIND to connect high-caliber candidates with impactful job opportunities around the globe. 


Nick strategically solves recruitment challenges by connecting high-caliber candidates with impactful global job opportunities.

Olena Didenko-Weber

Head of Operations


Olena is working as a Head of Operations at Avomind. She originally comes from Ukraine and completed her Master's studies in International Economics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Olena previously worked in the expert network industry where she has been focusing on management consulting clients. She worked in China and Japan. In her free time, Olena enjoys movies and literature and loves to explore Berlin.

Olena applies international expertise in addressing clients' needs.

Olena Didenko-Weber - Head of Operations

Luis Fermin Monagas

Luis Fermin Monagas - Head of US Operations

Head of US Operations


Luis comes from the Expert Network and Market Research Industry, where he led successful teams and business units. He has lived in different countries throughout his life, this has given him a broad international experience, which he gives use to at Avomind by leading our North American & LATAM teams. Luis is an avid traveler, amateur cook and TV Show critic apprentice.

Luis leads Avomind's North American & LATAM teams, leveraging broad international experience to address the requirements of our clients.

Julyan Adhitama

Julyan Adhitama - Team Lead APAC

Team Lead APAC


Born in Bogor and raised in Yogyakarta, he now resides in Jakarta. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Language Interpretation and Translation and a Master's in Management with a focus on Human Resources, he has a diverse career background in Recruitment, Sales, Finance, and Customer Service. Currently, as the Head of APAC at Avomind, he leads teams and projects across the region. With over 6 years of professional experience, he is dedicated to connecting talent with opportunities. Outside work, he enjoys travel, movies, karaoke, and social media.

Julyan connects talent across APAC regions to diverse set of industries.


Victoria Heredia

Team Lead EMEA


Raised in Portoviejo, Ecuador, Vicky’s degree in Organizational Psychology is a reflection of her two biggest passions: Psychology and Organizations.

Being a people-oriented person, she believes people are the most important asset of any company and her focus is to connect committed individuals with a suitable role. Some of Vicky’s strengths are her communication skills and aligning individual and organizational goals for maximum productivity.

Victoria Heredia - Team Lead EMEA

The Team

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