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Case Study

Boutique Strategy Consultancy in France

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Professional Services



Paris & Brussels


Number of Employees

50 - 100


Our client, a distinguished boutique strategy consultancy based in Paris and Brussels, has earned a formidable reputation in the professional services sector. With a team size ranging from 50 to 100 employees, the company sought to embark on a transformative journey by expanding its business into new verticals.


As a strategy consultancy with a focus on excellence, our client recognized the need to diversify its offerings and enter new business verticals. Simultaneously, they needed to augment their existing team with talent across all levels of seniority—Principals to Associates. This ambitious undertaking required a strategic and comprehensive approach to talent acquisition, ensuring the right blend of expertise and cultural fit to uphold the consultancy's standards of excellence.


In response to the client's goals, we formulated a tailored strategy to address both the business expansion and the talent acquisition requirements. We collaborated closely with the client to understand their unique positioning, industry dynamics, and the specific skill sets required for success in each new business vertical.


Our solution involved the creation of four integrated verticals within the consultancy, aligning with the client's vision for diversified service offerings. Our team, leveraging its extensive network and expertise in the professional services sector, initiated a targeted recruitment drive to identify and secure the right talent. Through a meticulous hiring process, we successfully onboarded 25 strategy consultants across all levels of seniority, including Principals, Managers, and Associates, ensuring a well-rounded and cohesive team.

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