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AVOMINDs behind the scenes

Nick Frey

Olena Didenko-Weber
Head of Operations

Evie Hamilton-Kerr
Talent Manager

Isabel Kim

Talent Manager

Samuel Tallant
Team Lead

Monica Cristea

Team Lead

Viktoria Uvarova

Talent Manager

Patrick Carrini

Talent Manager

Daria Müller Velasquez
Growth Manager

Vivian Eglin
Talent Manager

Roumaissa Chettouh
Talent Manager

Rika Fadhilah Lubis 
Talent Manager

Our team comes from the global professional services industry. We have all worked with the most demanding private equities, management consulting firms and large corporations.


We understand very well the skillset and attitude requirements of performance driven organizations.


We have deep relationships with the best schools worldwide as we believe that achievement starts early. 

Our core belief is that high achievers want to be surrounded by talented people and do the most challenging tasks at best companies. 


High-growing firms require the best people to succeed. 

Our mission is to connect high-caliber candidates with impactful opportunities.



We believe that the best way to empower women is promoting equal opportunities at work for high-caliber candidates and making sure that no one is missing a chance because of gender. 

At AVOMIND we are looking for women whose excellence list them as future leaders for high-growing firms. 

We are looking forward to connecting with WOMEN who are academically gifted and exceptionally talented in commercials, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and who want to make an impact. 

We shortlist top talent to enter our network of exciting opportunities. If you are one of them or wanna recommend a top talent to watch, contact us!


We are striving to create equal opportunities for all kind of high-achievers. 

At AVOMIND we understand that the playing field is even more challenging for diversity candidates.


This is why we have created an internal team to untap top LGTBQ+ talent in sales, operations and tech areas.

We are committed to work with top global firms who embrace diversity and want to have more inclusive top performing teams. 

If you want to be part of our diverse network, don't 

hesitate to reach out to us. We are waiting for you!