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Case Study

Top-5 big Pharma

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Life Sciences





Number of Employees



We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with one of the top five pharmaceutical giants based in Singapore, boasting over 10,000 employees.


The primary challenge for our client was to navigate the complexities of setting up a venture unit within a well-established pharmaceutical giant. The goal was not only to identify and nurture innovative ideas but also to infuse a culture of rapid experimentation and entrepreneurial thinking.


The challenge was to seamlessly integrate this venture unit into the existing organizational structure while maintaining the high standards expected in the pharmaceutical industry.


Understanding the critical need for specialized talent to spearhead this venture unit, Avomind played a pivotal role in addressing the client's challenge. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in the life sciences sector, Avomind successfully recruited a seasoned Head of Venture Development along with a team of five highly skilled Venture Associates. This carefully curated team brought a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, and the pharmaceutical industry.


The appointed Head of Venture Development, equipped with a proven track record in building successful venture units, collaborated with the client to establish a strategic roadmap.


The team of Venture Associates, selected for their diverse skill sets and innovative mindset, complemented the venture unit's objectives.

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