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Our Network


We collaborate with 200+ leading academic institutions in order to provide a talent pipeline for our clients and create career opportunities for both existing students and graduates.


Education is also important to us. For this reason, we provide educational opportunities for university students such as career guidance; interview insights; career-launching at the early stage.

"Amidst the vibrant hum of city life, whispers of possibility float in the air. Streets paved with dreams intersect, each step telling a tale. In this urban symphony, time dances to the rhythm of chance, painting a canvas of serendipity and opportunity."

Logo of University of Westminster
Logo of Istituto Marangoni
Logo of University of Cambridge
Logo of ESMT Berlin
Logo of Humboldt University of Berlin
Logo of Imperial College London
Logo of the Stockholm School of Economics
Logo of Universität Konstanz
Logo of ESCP Business School
Logo of University of Oxford
Logo of ETH Zürich
Logo of The University of Manchester
Logo of the University of Warwick
Logo of Nova School of Business and Economics
Logo of the Catholic University of Portugal
Logo of CODE – University of Applied Sciences
Logo of the Jacobs University
Logo of the Technical University of Munich
Logo of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Logo of the University of Bonn
Logo of the University of Göttingen
Logo of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Logo of the IU International University of Applied Sciences
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