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AI-driven Data Solution disrupting R&D landscape for pharma and medtech

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Life Sciences

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100 - 500


A cutting-edge AI-driven data solution provider in the life sciences sector with a dynamic team of 100-500 employees.


As the company geared up for this ambitious global expansion, they faced a critical challenge in building a robust sales team to penetrate and establish their presence in the new markets. Hiring skilled and experienced senior and mid-level sales professionals, including Account Executives (AE), Customer Success Managers (CSMs), and Key Account Managers (KAMs), became a top priority. The success of their market growth strategy hinged on assembling a high-performing team capable of navigating the complexities of these new territories.


Recognizing the urgency and importance of assembling a top-tier sales force, the client engaged Avomind. Our strategic approach was centered around identifying, attracting, and securing the right individuals who not only possessed the required skills but also aligned with the client's corporate culture and growth objectives.


Over the course of the partnership, Avomind successfully recruited and placed 20 senior and mid-level sales professionals, including AE, CSMs, and KAMs, with a keen focus on matching the unique requirements of the life sciences industry. This involved a meticulous selection process, leveraging our extensive network and industry insights to ensure the right talent fit for the client's expansion goals.

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