Avomind was born in 2019 in the heart of Berlin, one of the largest startup hubs in Europe. Our team consists of highly motivated employees that come from the global professional industries. We have all worked with the most demanding private companies, fast-growing startups, management consulting firms, large corporations, as well as with the global leaders in education, marketing, and fashion. We understand very well the skill and attitude requirements of result-oriented organizations.
We have close relationships with leading universities around the world because we believe that achievements begin at the stage of human capital formation. We are convinced that successful leaders want to be surrounded by talented, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals who are ready to take on professional challenges in the best companies around the globe.

Our mission is to provide highly qualified candidates with impactful roles that will boost their professional growth.

We operate globally from our offices in Berlin, Valencia, Vienna, Shanghai, Jakarta, and New York, to fill a comprehensive range of jobs within the strategy, M&A, sales, analytics, and other diverse industries. 

Our Vision

Become the golden standard providing driven and competent young talent to growing firms globally through better matching & better service.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with consistent quality candidates every time and connect young talent with effective roles globally.

Our Values

Clients go first
Each candidate matters
Results matter

the team

We are behind the scenes of the success of Avomind! 

We are always keen to meet you and explore your career development together. 

Here is our team and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Nick Frey

Managing Director


Nick is a hands-on strategy leader with more than 10 years of experience building high-performance business operations and cross-functional teams in EMEA, USA, LATAM, and APAC regions.
After multiple years working in the market research industry, where he was responsible for strategic global operations with full P&L ownership over multiple international hubs such as New York City, Santiago de Chile, Munich, Tokyo, and Seoul, he decided to found AVOMIND to connect high-caliber candidates with impactful job opportunities around the globe.

Olena Didenko-Weber

Head of Operations


Olena is working as a Head of Operations at Avomind. She originally comes from Ukraine and completed her Master's studies in International Economics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Olena previously worked in the expert network industry where she has been focusing on management consulting clients. She worked in China and Japan. In her free time, Olena enjoys movies and literature and loves to explore Berlin.


Ella van Niekerk

Growth Manager


Ella studied a Business of Fashion degree in Italy and is now based in Berlin after joining Avomind in September 2021. She has previous experience in business development, sales and client relations. Ella is a growth associate who specialises in campaign development and communications, and focuses primarily on marketing strategies, university partnerships and talent acquisition. For any queries regarding partnerships or collaborations, get in touch with Ella!

Samuel Tallant

Team Lead


Sam is a Team Lead at Avomind, focusing on Graduate and Operational Roles across EMEA and US regions. Since starting with Avomind in September 2020, Sam has also massively driven Avomind's Diversity & Inclusion efforts - mainly through securing high-profile LGBTQIA+ partnerships both in Germany and in the UK, as well as coaching LGBTQIA+ candidates, in order for them to secure the roles which they deserve.


Megi Dragoti

Project Manager


Megi holds the position of Project Manager at Avomind. Originally from Albania, having grown up in Greece and experienced in multicultural environments, she has excellent communication skills. Her previous professional experience lies in expert networks, where she handled high-caliber consulting clients, focused in the APAC region. Being a sociology graduate, Megi has an interest in all things related to societal phenomena and values and likes to explore how they appear in art, fashion, daily life.

Rika Fadhilah Lubis

Project Manager


Rika is a Talent Acquisition professional who currently focuses on recruiting for the APAC region. With over 8 years of professional experience, she gained exposure in B2B sales, business development, talent marketing, HR practices, and sourcing & recruiting top talents from management to senior level to perform various functions. When she is not recruiting, she hones her passion for writing and learning new languages, as well as exploring the world of Netflix.


Patrick Carrini

Talent Manager


Patrick joined Avomind in February 2021. After graduating from Interior Design he decided to focus his career on recruitment. He's specializing in tech as well as operational and creative roles. 

At Avomind he is currently focusing on building a team in Valencia, Spain that will support our operations and continue expanding our network. 

Viktoria Uvarova

Talent Manager

Viktoria is a Talent Manager with broad international experience, currently specializing across Commercial (eCommerce, Marketing & Sales), Business, and Finance sectors and covering roles across the EMEA and APAC regions, as well as Americas. Her professional focus lies on supporting both Junior Associates, as well as C- and D-level Managers. She is also strong communications and languages professional with a Bachelor's degree focused on linguistics and cross-cultural communication from the University of Innsbruck.



Susana Restrepo

Talent Associate

New York

Susana joined Avomind as a Talent Associate for the USA and LATAM regions. She was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. She loves working with people from different cultures because it's dynamic and fun. In her free time she enjoys cooking, hiking and traveling. 

Camila Alpoim

Talent Associate


Camila is half Portuguese, half Mozambican. She studied in South Africa at the University of Cape Town and majored in Psychology and Organizational Psychology. She has previous experience as a Human Resources Consultant and currently focuses on operational roles. At Avomind she works as a Talent Acquisition Associate, she is passionate about psychology and the human mind, and when she is not working she likes reading self-development books and exploring. 


Ricardo Palau

Talent Manager

New York

Ricardo comes from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He studied Business Administration with a double concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Boston University, USA. Prior to joining our Avomind team, Ricardo worked for Atheneum Partners, an expert network in New York, where he connected top industry professionals with clients to help them understand niche industries & commercial markets. In his free time, he enjoys speaking Spanish and English, playing tennis, soccer and attending various sport events

Audrie Claradhita

Talent Associate


Audrie from Indonesia, and joined Avomind as a Talent Acquisition Associate. She has 2 years experience in recruitment area handling various industrial businesses and roles. She loves the role because she loves meeting and getting to know people, always learn a new thing from each one of them. She is on the path to living a sustainable life, it has been 2 fantastic years so far. In her free time she enjoys reading books, re-watching her all-time-fav series or tv shows. She loves to travel and try out new restaurants or food!


Victoria Heredia

Talent Associate


Raised in Portoviejo, Ecuador, Vicky’s degree in Organizational Psychology is a reflection of her two biggest passions: Psychology and Organizations.

Being a people-oriented person, she believes people are the most important asset of any company and her focus is to connect committed individuals with a suitable role. Some of Vicky’s strengths are her communication skills and aligning individual and organizational goals for maximum productivity.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 10.39.27.png

Exhej Gjoka

Talent Associate


Exhej is from Tirana, Albania. He studied International Management with a Marketing Major in Bonn, Germany. At Avomind, he works as a Talent Acquisition Associate for Junior and Senior positions within the graduates vertical.

During his free time, Exhej enjoys playing and watching sports and travelling.

Alexandros Baida

Talent Associate


Originally from Athens, Greece, Alex studied psychology and linguistics in New York. Having been exposed to multiple and different cultures, he moved to Berlin to join AVOMIND as a Talent Acquisition Associate in November 2021. At AVOMIND he specialises in recruitment of commercial roles, focusing on foreign roles because of his rich foreign language background. 
Alex has previous experience in clinical psychology and research. In his free time, he likes to walk around Berlin exploring the classical architecture, modern art museums and trying out new restaurants.


Anh Dang Day

Talent Associate


Born in Vietnam and raised in Belgium. Anh studied International Business in Brussels. After graduating in 2021, he joined Avomind as a Talent Associate.
Working in recruitment is a field where he can show genuine interest for people and it will sharpen his skills around the understanding of the human mind.
During his free time, he loves to read, and debate about philosophy to understand the world.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 10.39.47.png

Caroline von Waitz

Talent Acquisition Working Student


Caroline is our working student at Avomind. She is currently completing a BA in Fashion Management at Macromedia University of Applied Science.

With previous experience in the HR industry, she works on talent acquisition in the graduates vertical, with a large focus on our DACH roles, as well as working on Avomind’s marketing.

When Caroline is not working or studying, she enjoys travelling, brunching and visiting Berlin’s vintage stores and flea markets.

Maria Inês Paiva

Talent & HR Associate


Maria is our Portuguese Talent and HR Associate, and joined Avomind in December 2021, as an Erasmus intern. She studied German and English applied to Business Affairs, and wanted to explore Berlin, the home of Avomind.
She loves to read, cook and get to know people. Besides her role as a Recruiter, and as part of the Development Team, Maria makes sure the Office feels like home while helping with the fun events!